I never, ever complain about cold weather. Not even on the days where you can just barely let your nose stick out of the scarf so you can breathe. In fact, I find that rather bracing. But even when the cold is inconvenient or when it knocks out my power and forces me to sleep in a hat, I hold my tongue. Because as soon as the temp crests 80, I let ‘er rip. I. hate. hot weather. Hate. And you know what? It’s hot. It’s hummus-for-dinner hot.

The kids have one more week of school Really, I think the ol’ standby “useless as tits on a boar” could be replaced by “useless as the last week of school.” Of course, after hearing my kids talk about how they maybe just shouldn’t have school this week since it’s so useless is making me think maybe they need it after all… But summer is within spitting distance, if I weren’t so dehydrated from this festering heat. So I’m trying to focus on the good of summer.

I think my favorite thing is the feeling of possibility. There are so many things we could DO! Never mind that we’ll do few, if any, it’s the big wide open space that I love. Then I love the last 15 min before the pool closes at 8 pm. The sun is down, the kids are swimming, I have a design magazine in my hand (I am SO ready to design our new house), the evening breeze kicks up. It’s perfect. I love the lake, sitting and talking to friends until it starts to get dark, driving the sleepy, sand-covered kids home in silence b/c they’re too tired to bicker. I love how good a gin and tonic tastes on the porch (made my own tonic water last weekend!). Ah, and Birkenstock sandals–almost worth the heat. Oh, and number one best thing? No packing lunches. No driving to school and back twice a day (more if someone forgets one of those blasted lunches). And I’m looking forward to sleeping past 7. Not much, b/c swim team starts at 8, but still, I can drive to that in my jammies.

And fireworks. Looking forward to those.