So I enjoy listening to a podcast called “You Look Nice Today.” On it, they mentioned Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages, bringing on a spell of singing the theme song. But best of all, they linked me up with this gem:

This, my friends is wicked trippy. First we have the…imitable vocal stylings of the Cos. Then…a worm and a bird living together because the rent is so high? And they want to open up a “hip new restaurant”? Wellington the Wiggly Worm? Booker T. Bluebird? (oh, sly insertion of Black History!) Mortimer Ichabod Marker? Ah, the 70s. So blandly bizarre. Because really? This made me laugh and all but have you SEEN “Yo Gabbba Gabba?” Go ask TiVo to get it. And pour yourself a drink.