I built a third square foot garden on Saturday.  This one is a 3×3 and is for tomatoes and peppers.  I got some plants at the farmer’s market Saturday morning (along with 10 quarts of strawberries that I froze) and spent the rest of the day building and filling the box.  I’m going to put sunflowers in those two empty squares:

3x3 square foot garden

I have a bunch of pots that I filled with growing mix and into which I’ll put herbs.  I also re-seeded my second bed, which really didn’t do all that well.  Just a few carrots and basil poked up.  The tat soi did well and the two strawberry plants produce the occasional berry:

But my first box is doing really well:

That broccoli in the front is hiding all the greens from you, but I’m regularly getting my salad from there.  Delish.  And look at the tiny baby broccoli!  Awwww:

Once I remember to ask dad how to plant potatoes, I’ll put those in the second box.  I still hope to build some long boxes–4×12–to plant corn in the “old” garden.