Why is is SO hard to go back to posting when you haven’t in a while? I’ve been hiding from all of you, hoping the blog fairies would just come post witty things and pretty pictures. But no. Stupid fairies.

Speaking of which: the Fairie Festival! As always, we went the Friday closest to Mayday to dance with our Fairie Friends. Kubiando! Every year, I wish I’d planned ahead to spend more time there. Sigh. It’s magical, it really is. Anyway, I know you. You want pictures, so here they are. As usual, they’re utter crap. The magic of the fairies saps my photographic skills. Every year, I swear I’ll take better photos. And then I go have fun instead. Stupid stupid stupid.

Here are am with the girls. I have no idea why they both look so surly. Julianna was annoyed that her wings did not perform well in actual festival conditions, but Lily was perfectly fine.

Fairy Mom and fairilets

I was a Fairy of the Sea (Steve: You’re in the Navy?) with a crown of shells, an octopus and a shell around my neck, and starfish hanging on my earrings:

Sea Fairy

Julianna was the Mallow Fairy. She decided to try gauzy wings hanging from a wire frame, but they kept swinging around together and in general behaving in a most un-wing-like fashion, so she tossed them in a bin not long after we got in. They looked great in the house, though.

mallow fairy

Lily was the Forget-me-Not Fairy. What I hope to not forget is that I always have to carry wings and crown within moments of entering the festival grounds. Next year–simple unstructured fabric wings.

forget-me-not fairy

Lily’s first request was to walk the maze in which you find five pots of colored chalk, coloring one of your fingers with each pot. At the end, there is a key by which you can tell your fortune by the colors on your fingers.

chalk pot

“You will have ice cream.” My fortune said “You try to find the good in people.” Given that several of you just choked, I’m thinking that this is not the most accurate system the fairies could have come up with. Maybe a bit more thought next time, okay sprites?

Lily and Brooke were very excited to see Scheherezade again. She does a little show with gypsy music and belly dancing moves and a gypsy band of children. Here’s Lily with her drum and Brooke with her conducting wand:

gypsy band

They totally want to be Scheherezade when they grow up.

scheherezade the gypsy

And really, she seems to be having a blast at it, so why not?

I think we all kind of love the drum circle best. When there is a drumming scheduled, there are lots of drummers and dancers and merriment. And when there isn’t, there are just drums lying around that you can beat on as you see fit.

Molly, Julianna, and Tori

Lily and Brooke rock the dijeridoo

I love to even look at other people’s photos of the Fairie Festival b/c it’s just such a great place to…look. i saw this and had to get a shot:

Fairy baby!

fairy baby

I think the Daddy Fairy might have permanent wings…

Who the heck invited THIS weirdo?

she's a super freak

The fairies begin to poop out…

Even the Moss Men need a nap by the stream:

moss men

So it’s time to head home, stopping for the Dinner of Fairies, Krispy Kremes:

Next year: good photos and more time!