I planted a square foot garden last month, look how pretty it’s getting!

square foot garden

The idea is that you make containers and fill them with a specially blended growing mix so that you get almost no weeds  With the grid, you can have little spots for various foods and rotate them  as they finish up.  So when that broccoli in the front is ready, I can harvest it and then plant something else.  I have several squares for lettuce mix.  Since I like to eat it when it is little, I planted a row between my rows today and then put some seeds in among my seedling so that it keeps coming.  I’ll just keep planting that all summer and as late as it will grow.  I have snow peas and sugar snaps in the back (I need to get the trellis up tomorrow or they’ll start climbing that bush…) and when they are done, I’ll put in some small melons or cukes and let them climb the trellis.  It seems like a great system, and designed for my lazy gardening–burst of effort in the spring, when I still feel like it, coast through the rest.

Traditionally, I clear out my garden, have dad come till it, plant like a fiend.  Then July hits and I cannot go out there.  Too hot.  Too far.  This year, I have the bed pictured above, and I just finished a deeper one today. In in I can plant carrots, leeks, potatoes.  My plan was to make a couple more down in the old garden, but now I’m thinkig I may just strew flower seeds out there…Maybe flowers and tomatoes.  Or, maybe just flowers…