birthday schmoo!

Julianna turned 11 yesterday. Holy hand grenade of Antioch. There she is, in the birthday hat, all ready to go to school and listen to countless people say, “Oh, is it your birthday?” It’s a good exercise for her to have to come up with responses. “Um, no…why do you ask?” “Nah, I just like to put cake on my head when my ears get cold.” Mostly, I’m just delighted that she’s inherited my need for attention and willingness to do any stupid thing to get it. Like wear cake on her head.

She had a slumber party Saturday night. Our house is gloriously limiting in these situations. No den or family room means you can only invite as many kids as can fit in your room. And small rooms mean that number is going to be no more than 4. And even at that, kid #4 better be short. So they all brought old T shirts and they had a “T party” cutting up and altering their shirts. And, in all but one case, ultimately throwing them away. Most of them ended up looking like dollar store Peter Pan tunics. Nonetheless, they had fun at it. And it was quiet.

t shirt destruction

Then came the pizza and then presents and then cake. For some reason, Julianna decided she wanted a brain cake. No problem!

brain cake

I helped them to put henna designs on their feet (after getting parental approval!) and they watched “Herbie the Love Bug” while it dried. I wasn’t sure they’d like it, the pacing in movies has gotten so much faster, but they were shouting “Go 53! Go 53!” and, of course, punching the crap out of each other. Hooray for Punch Buggy! I was glad they liked it. As was Alice:

Herbie Macbook

They went to bed and were fairly quiet and were up the next morning for pancakes. Easy peasy.

Yesterday, for her actual birthday, I cleaned Julianna’s room (Steve: Way to go, reinforcing the notion that rooms need to be cleaned once a year. Me: Whether they need it or not.) and got her a cool mirror at Goodwill. She said that it was one of the best days ever, waking up to a pot of purple tulips and a bag of Werther’s Originals, having a good day at school, going out for custard, and coming home to a clean room. Oh, and pesto for dinner, followed by creme puffs. Yeah, that DOES sound like a pretty good day.