I can’t seem to stop watching ANTM. I think, all right I’ll watch, but I’m not going to write anything down…and then they do something just batshit crazy and then here I am again. So, this week the girls had to walk in firefighter stripper outfits for a bunch of firefighters (hasn’t the NYFD been through enough?) and then they went to a meat packing plant and wore skimpy garments made of meat. Yes. Herewith are the comments:

–All the squeeing over every little thing. It must stop. I want to know who is doing the screaming. And I want her dead. I hope it’s Dominique. Because she oogs me out. As does Whitney. So let’s just say the screaming is Whitney and Dominique and just eliminate them. Fatima will auf herself soon enough.

–Whitney=Wynona Judd.

–Has there every been a worse group of walkers? That chick from Seventeen said “You rocked the runway,” but I’m thinking she must have meant it literally.

–When Katarzyna won the photoshoot for Lot 29 and picked Amis and Marvita to go with her, Amis totally dove into Katarzyna’s boob.

–No Neck Saliesha in her My Life as a Cover Girl spot, “Now that I’m a part of the Cover Girl Family, I had the chance to go to Baltimore.” Oh honey.

–Meat Bikini, while a great name for a band, is a poor idea for a photo shoot. Seriously people, ew.

–Lauren said that to get her great shot, she channeled Leatherface. Shouldn’t that be a sign that the shot was a bad idea? If “serial killer” is the first thing to mind, is it fashion?

–And model as pile of meat? I mean how literal can we be?

–I was surprised no one whined about being a vegetarian, but honestly, I suppose they don’t eat anything, let alone meat.

–Photo of Tyra with a bloody steak? Creepiest photo ever.

–Why is Tyra singing everything? Is it time for the musical version of ANTM?

— Oh, the weaves. They are bad. The crew started out really pretty. And now? No. Tyra is a bad person.