I got to eat Hazel feet! Yum. Looky, can’t you almost smell that yummy tiny baby stink?

Lily informed Emma: My mom always wants to bite babies’ feet. Emma said, a bit horrified, “Really? Why?” Tash said, “Well because they’re so yummy.” Emma was concerned. “Really?” Yes, when you next go to your butcher, be sure to ask for feet. It’s the choicest cut.

I’m sure it couldn’t compete with the cereal at Nonnie and Papa’s house, though. Here, we get Whole Grain Groaty Os and Sugar Barren Kasha Kakes but at Nonnie and Papa’s? Whoo doggies! This time, with help from Uncle Justin, they had Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys (or, chocolate Lucky Charms if you’re made of money) and Peanut Butter Chocolate Spheres (or, Cocoa Dodecahedrons, for the name brand). And this doesn’t even take into account the cookies and gum and cobbler and cool whip and just general yum that one can expect from a weekend in Marydel. Remember that Simpsons episode where the Germans buy the plant and Homer hears that Germany is The Land of Chocolate? And he imagines going there? That’s Nonnie and Papa’s house but generalized to all forms of sugar and fat. And lest you think I mock–oh no, no. It is yummy there. Steve and I have joked that after a day at his folks’ house I’m dying for a Little Debbie cake and when I leave my folks’ house, I need a plate of sprouts. We are a well-balanced family.

Luckily, Hazel isn’t scamming any of the sweets just yet. She still needs Andi to process it first. You could see her leaning toward the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake–“More of this, mom! Seriously!” She’s wicked cute:

And even cuter in person. She was happy to have a steady parade of people who were willing to carry her around. I was happy to have more people to step up. Once I saw that there was no sling to carry her in, I was done. I’m too out of shape to haul a baby manually. I just took on the task of telling her how pretty she is. And stealing bites of toes.