Sadly, no one can read that. Driving back from taking the kids to school is prime blog time, but since I have to keep my eyes on the road, you get none of it. Sorry.

This is parent-teacher conference week. I’m so grateful that they are so uneventful. Lily’s teacher seemed a bit confused as to why I was even there (Duh, so you can tell me how brilliant my child is), and Julianna’s teacher was utterly unconcerned that I didn’t get a slot on the schedule. I can make an extra appt, if I want (And I will, because I want her to tell my how brilliant my child is). Even Ben, who is the one I worry about at this point, has a fine report. It would be lovely if he was to do his homework now and again, but other than that, it’s fine. Homework is a new thing, given that it’s a Montessori school. But it is also a Public School, so we have to take the accursed state tests. Because Montessori Math goes in a different sequence than Lame Math, we were getting hosed on that part of the test, at the lower grades. By middle school, it was all fine, but meanwhile, we looked like we were screwing up. And since the school board would like nothing more than to yank our charter, we needed to fix that. Thus was born homework and a math specialist and all manner of extra help. Which is fine. Not hurting anyone. This year, Study Island was introduced, an on-line homework thing (and the least popular Carribean Destination). Whenever I suggest to Ben that perhaps he should log on, he has said, “I can’t remember my password.” I mentioned this to Ms. Kim last night. She said, “His password is Ben.” Well no wonder he was stumped, poor dear. But she was cool about it, as she only cares about homework a smidge more than I do (which is not at all. YOu have them for 6 hours. Get it done then. Home is for play and interacting with family. And watching Fairly Oddparents).

The Eat To Live diet is still going smoothly. The cravings are gone. I’m not tired during the day and don’t get that mid-afternoon crash. Previously, it wasn’t just that I felt kind of laggy, I HAD to lay down. A nap was a must. Now, I nap about once a week, and only because I just love naps. I think I’ve lost about 10-15 lbs, I’m not actually sure of my beginning weight, just what I weighed at my check-up in the fall. The one that made me say, “Holy crap, I last weighed that a week before giving birth.” Best of all, I haven’t had real hip pain in a couple of weeks, in spite of having the rainly low pressure weather that usually does me in. Apparently, in addition to being good for weight loss and heart disease/blood pressure, this is an ideal diet for folks with many auto-immune disorders. The critters and carbs are killing you people. But oh, so yummy.

Speaking of yummy, I’m going to hop off the wagon tomorrow night. We’re going to Isabella’s with Bev and Jerry and Lara and Andrew. It’s my most favoritest b/c it’s lots of little dishes. But best of all, it led to this exchange:

Bev: We’re going to Isabella’s on Friday night with the Greenbergs. It’s Deana’s favorite.

Jerry: Isn’t that the tapas place?

Bev: Um…nooo…I can’t…no…

Jerry: Did you think I said “topless”?

Bev: YES!

So, good times for everyone!

Was there ever a better game than Punch Buggy? You get to seek out VW bugs, the best car ever; you get to punch your friends and family; everyone, everywhere knows what you’re doing, so you can just run up and slug a stranger and say “Punch Buggy red!” and it’s okay! No police involvement! By us, it has evolved a bit. Now we realize that all silver PBs are followed by Punch Buggy Invisible. So you can get in two hits for one if you’re fast. I also told the kids that I see a lot of PBs when they’re in school. So anytime they just feel a random pain for no reason, it means I’ve seen a Buggy and punched them with the power of my mind. They accept this.

I get to bite Hazel this weekend! I can’t actually eat her b/c of the diet, but at least I’ll get a nibble and a sniff. Can’t wait!