Okay, I know I said I was done with ANTM– and I still reserve the right to bail mid-season!–but curiosity got the best of me. I watched it on Youtube. A few comments–

–Did you notice on the Great Wall of Wisdom featuring quotes from previous winners (god help us), the Season 1 rep was Robin? Seems silly. Seems like Adrienne probably offers at least one inspirational quote a week on “I Married a Brady.” Or they could have gone with the one about how Black History Month is racist. that’s a gem for sure.

–Marvita is still ugly. But otherwise this is a more attractive pool of too-old, too-short, too-crazy girls.

–I’d read the Television Without Pity recap, so I knew that Kim was going to bail. That made it that much more fun to watch them edit in every time she yawned or looked annoyed.

–Will the fact that Fatima looks just like Iman work for her or against her?

–How does a “no-smoking” sign on the door mean you shouldn’t have “the nerve!” to go outside and have a smoke?

–“You’re going to be posing with homeless people. But YOU’RE going to be in street clothing, and THEY will be in high fashion!” Oh, seriously? How does Tyra sleep? (I know, “on a bed of money those homeless gals ain’t getting!”)

–the gasping and clutching of pearls when Kimberly announced that she just doesn’t find fashion interesting? Priceless.

–“Kimberly’s torn shot is giving me wind!” Quote of the night, I think. Maybe it should go up on the wall. Esp. since at first I thought she said “Kimberly’s porn shot.”

–and speaking of porn–one giant bed? Are you kidding me?

Okay, I’ll make it to the makeover show, okay? so get off my back.