Day before Ben’s birthday party and we have nothin’. It’s his birthday today (he’s 8! yikes.) and he managed to control the weather enough to get a day off from school. He’s spent the morning lying on the couch, eating chips, watching Star Wars and playing Lego Star Wars on the DS. And best of all, both girls have gone to friends’ houses. Right now, he’s out to lunch with Steve. So that seems pretty perfect for him. Which is good, b/c as I mentioned we have little in the way of a party planned. Every flippinyear. What the hell is wrong with me? I have this inability to actually think of a month until I’m in it. So things that happen in the first week just catch me by surprise. His damned fault for not coming at the end of January like he was supposed to. THEN he would have had a lovely, well-planned party.

He’s no help, really. It finally occured to me this year that if he can’t be bothered, why should I? He can just barely come up with names to invite. And, since we don’t actually invite anyone until 4 or 5 days before the party, all but two are unable to come. So Steve will just take the three boys to Adventure Park USA (known as Hell or Xtreme Chuck E Cheese) to play laser tag. Then they’ll come back for pizza and ice cream cake. Which I’d better go order… He actually requested that, so if I don’t get the order in, I’ll be smooshing ice cream into a cake pan. Which, really, I ought to just do. I’ve never NOT made a birthday cake before. Hm. Screw it. First time for everything. This will be the party I buy my way out of! I wont even have to clean! yay me!

Oh, and sorry about that stupid quiz in the last post. It took me to the dating site when I took one Andi posted a while ago. Seems that a dating service shouldn’t advocate that sort of teasing and bait-and-switch, eh?