I thought I asked you people to do something about the weather. It appears to be winter here. The icky, no snow kind. Sigh. I’m in NJ, we’ll go home to Frederick tonight. Then the photo onslaught will begin. Our hair liked Aruba. I had thick waves, Ben looked like Shirley Temple. Now, my hair is stick straight and wispy. All this and frozen grass! I prefer frozen drinks, to be frank. And iguanas.

The flight was mostly okay. When we arrived at the airport in Aruba, there was thick black smoke billowing up from what looked to be a runway. Almost never a good sign. Apparently, it was a trash burn. I’m thinking a different location might be the way to go, just for traveler contentment. We had to go into a holding pattern over JFK and it was…turbulent. I was not well. I didn’t have to grab the airsick bag, but I was certainly thinking about it. All the while the kids were going “Whee!” I’d try to focus on something still, and I’d see the Fasten Seatbelts sign, all wiggly and jolty just like it is in the movies just before the plane goes down. Whee indeed.

But we’re here, safe and sound. The first blast of cold air felt good, bracing. The second one just felt cold. I stood on the airtrain from the terminal where we landed to the one where we were to catch the shuttle, looking at the people. Everyone was in black, no bright colors anywhere (but on us–Ben in red, Julianna in turquoise, Lily in teal, me in salmon. Steve was in black. joiner.) nothing but black and grey. We need some technicolor, stat. Andi, can we borrow Hazel’s sleeper?