I got three mosquito bites. I’m done. We’d gone the whole 6 days bug free, so I think they’re running me out of here. Fine. We have to check out by 10 am and be at the airport by 1 (THREE hours before the flight. ugh.). I’m doing our laundry and gathering all the bits of coral and other caribbean detritus.

Today, while I slept too long and had weird-ass dreams, Steve and the kids went out to catch the “Iguana Interaction.” We’d figured the hotel iguana wrangler would herd up a couple and give a talk about them. Steve asked at the desk “Where is the iguana interaction?”

“oh, out there somewhere between the two hotels. They move, you know.”

“And when will it be?”

“sometime between 10 and 11.”

So, “out there somewhere at some point.” Caribbean.

After lunch, Grandpa, Grandma, ben, Lily, and I headed out to the Natural bridge. The famous one collapsed in 2005, but a new one is forming right next to it. It really was a beautiful area, on the ocean side of the island–wild and rough. On the way in, we noticed that everywhere there were little stones piled on top of larger ones. Sometimes only a few high, sometimes several feet high. It was odd, like druids or aliens had been through. We asked at the gift shop. The woman told us, a bit testily, that apparently the tour guides tell people to stack a stone and make a wish. “It’s not OUR custom. We don’t come to YOUR country and mess things up.” oKAY. Just askin’, mon. I prefer the druid story anyway.

Leaving the bridge, we stopped and climbed around in the ruin of a gold smelting factory. It looked like a medieval ruin, but apparently was used until the early 1930s. Anyway, fun to climb on the rocks.

Dinner was back to Bugaloe, where we ate two nights ago. And now back. sigh. It’s COLD back there. I know, I\m the one that likescold, but tropical breezes…they are nice.