Eep! Only one more full day. I bum. Today was submarine day–it was cool. We went down to 150 feet (so they said, truthfully, it could just be a big aquarium 20 feet deep, how would we know?) and saw a shipwreck and lots of fish. Many of our favorites from snorkling (you’re right, Nell, it’s such a great word), including my beloved parrotfish, which Lily kept calling The Rainbow Fish (a hateful book if ever there was one). We saw divers holding an octopus. I learned that I do not want to spend much time in a submarine.

Home, reading, pool, dinner. We had a Thai place to ourselves. The owner (8 foot tall Dutch guy from Curacao) made the pandan ice cream from pandan he grows himself. It wa tasty. but best of all, all three kids discovered they love Pad Thai, so we can go to Thai food now and again. but not for a long time. because we are leaving all of our money here.

As they say in Les Miz, One day more!