A few things I’ve forgotten:

Andi, Hit cookies are lovely, but a mere substitute for the real deal–the Prinzenrolle. It’s the same deal, but better. And I just got some, b/c I’m in the Netherlands, apparently. (And what a great name for a country–the Netherlands. There be dragons!)

In the gift shop, I leafed through an Aruba cookbook. I’ve always found that a cool thing to bring back, but desert climates tend to be a bit critter-heavy in their native cuisine. No exception, this one. “Iguana Stew” ingredients list starts with “one iguana, medium sized.”

We walked along the beach one night and Lily was following a set of paw prints (frankly we’d pay to pet a kitty at this point. We’re so animal-love starved, Julianna and I tried to pat the fishies). Lily said “How far do you think these paw prints go?” And Steve said, “All the way to the dog, I imagine.” He has waited so long for a nice set-up like that.

If a native of Aruba went to maryland, would he think he was in a black and white movie? There is so much color here. The landscape is drab–desert, you know–but the house exteriors are colors most people wouldn’t even wear, let alone put on a house. It’s delightful. Step up, Americans, No White Houses!