So today was supposed to start with a submarine ride. We got up bright and early, got a cab because we can’t fit all three kids in the rental, and arrived at our dock. but alas, the a/c was broken on the sub so they cancelled the ride. we’re rescheduled for Friday. The assembled New Yorkers were bitterly complaining. but we are cheerful folk from the mid-Atlantic region, so we just went on our way.

We decided to visit the Butterfly farm instead, but after lunch . To have said lunch, however, we needed to go to the grocery. Howard and I headed out. I’m always uncomfortable when it’s he and I…well, not uncomfortable, but just really aware that I look like I’m his second wife. And given my age, onlookers must wonder if I’m not about to get thrown over for a new model. I don’t want their pity, damn them. Steve just called me a “second-place trophy wife.” Thanks, man.

Totally worth it, though, because we went to this great little Dutch grocery with cheerful bright carts and food with many vowels and oddly placed consonants. My German helped some, in that I could read the ingredients list and try to guess what that combination might taste like. It led me to the positive find of “coconut bread” which is candy, but it also led me to buy “hard foam” which was not tasty and freaked my mouth out a little. The staff in the store was largely Dutch, which just seems weird. but oh, how I love a foreign grocery store.

The butterfly farm was lovely. Smaller than I thought it would be, but just charming. Our guide, marco, seemed to really like working around butterflies. It would have been such a bummer to get a spiel from someone that is just sick of these damned bugs. They aren’t native, but are from all over the world. Pictures, once I get them on a computer.

I made dinner in, since grandpa went out with his first wife tonight. I’ve promised the kids we’d go on the lazy river after dark…

Sorry these posts are kind of dull diary entries, but this keyboard block my brain. I’ll try using Howard’s tomorrow.