Nice lazy day today, we hung around in the morning while the menfo’k went to buy some groceries. It’s a Dutch island, which means good cheese and mediocre beer. Around 10:30, we went down to the pool and floated around the lazy river for a couple of hours. Julianna took it upon herself to name all the iguanas. Sheldon, Octavius, and Emerald were very relieved to have names at last. You could just tell. In addition to the iguanas, there are these cool little guys that are grey-green with electric blue polka dots and/or stripes. Lizards everywhere, which is making us all happy.

We headed down to the beach for another hour or so, swimming in the Caribbean. Which, you know, cool. The back to the pool for 90 min or so. Then I napped while Grandpa took the kids to see a shipwreck. Then dinner at a really uninteresting Chinese restaurant. It looked very fancy, but was, as Steve put it, a “Long Island Chinese restaurant.” It’s just never a good sign when they put out the wonton strips and ducksauce at the beginning.

It stood to reason that it would be reminicient of LI b/c everyone here is from New York. Steve has dubbed the island “Mooks and Kikos.” Our hotel skews pretty old, too, so I get to see lots of walnut brown old dudes in Speedos. Often wearing baseball hats and smoking cigars. It’s a good look. One that pairs nicely with the well-coiffed matrons in visors and gold jewelry setting off their gilded bathing suits.

but even I can’t pull off cranky here, so you know it must be lovely. Tomorrow: submarine!