Well, it’s really just the first day. We’re in Aruba! And yes. it is pretty darned awesome. I’ll tell you about it, but first an apology for any weird spacing and lack of capitalization…I’m on our OLPC–One Laptop Per child–and the keyboard is sized for teeny third world fingers. My giant fat white lady fingers are just making a mess.

Anyway, we left our hotel room near JFK at 6:30 this morning. That is early. The kids LOVED the shuttle ride. Our Slovenian driver hurtled us sideways at like 70 mph around hairpin turns. Whee! At the airport, we killed time by riding the moving stairways (I am The Power Walker, lesser known superhero!) and building with the legos that were at one end of the terminal. Lily was concerned about the bag scanner. She had picked up that if you had anything you weren’t supposed to have the TA would keep it. What she didn’t pick up was that they are unlikely to suddenly decide that twistable crayons are a threat. She was convinced that those bastards were just on the job to get good stuff. “Oh sorry, your watch has been determined a hazard.

Speaking of watches, Ben is…into digital watches again. He periodically becomes focused on them and cannot rest until he can get to the dollar store and get one. Well Grandpa lent him a diving watch and now the child is calling out the time every couple of minutes. “It’s 2:54…..It’s 2:56…” boy, if I wanted to know the time, I’d WEAR a watch.

So anyway, we were packed into the plane (“mommy is this First Class?” “Yes.” “So are we second class?”) , nearly full plane, we took up a row. I had a stranger next to me, on the window, but she was small and sleepy. Lily dumped Sprite on me twice (why such a big mouth on airplane cups? and such a small base?), I dropped my ipod twice. The big mook in front of me reclined into my lap for the whole 4.5 hours, leaving a space too small to get anything out of my bag. Lily squirmed and chattered endlessly. And Tony Soprano was behind me telling his second, younger wife that he was going to “bash [some guy’s] fookin’ headdin”He then loudly told a neighbor about how they had had two bloody Mary’s before boarding. At 9 am. And I had heard him order two vodkas (“plain, mixer roons it”) on the plane. He grew increasingly loud.

Turns out he was joining his fellows. I have heard more NYC accents here than I did in NYC. They’re swarming this plcace. This place is, by the way, gorgeous. 82 degrees, breezy, colorful. There are iguanas just hanging out poolside. There’s a lazy river. The water is perfect. Photos and further updates soon!