It’s going to be 2008 in less than an hour, which is just weird.  Maybe some of you young whippersnappers haven’t begun to experience the warp speed of time, but let me tell you.  It’s weird.  One of my best buds from high school, Gabi, came to visit this weekend.  She has some grey hair!  Gabi is 40 years old!  What the hell?  I’m okay with me being 40, I’ve been with me all along and I can see how it would happen.  But Gabi…I see her once every 5 years or so.  I’ve let her get to maybe 25 in my head.  But there she was with a 7 year old kid and grey hair.  And I felt like we could totally go get dressed up as punks to scare Christy’s grandma.  Time, they say, flies.

We had our second annual NYE fondue fest.  Steve called me while I was at the store getting cheese to tell me that Taro and Maeve and their mom would be joining us.  Marjorie works for Au Pair America, so they always have a live-in with them.  So Sylvia came too.  And then Matt, Marjorie’s ex-husband showed up as well…So suddenly there were a lot of people here.  Mild cheddar fondue for the kids, Traditional swiss for the adults.  Sylvia is from Peru and probably lactose intolerant.  I hope I didn’t kill her.  This time I managed to avoid the cheese coma; I was so busy getting all the fondues together that I didn’t sit down and gorge.  Still ate too much, but I didn’t feel like there was a pound of cheese congealing in my gullet.  I even got to clean up the kitchen (mostly) while the others played Cranium Cadoo.  I’m just much happier being kitchen staff than hostess.  They left about 10 pm (but not before Steve saw Sylvia looking at our guinea pigs.  “In your country they just run around outside, huh?”  “Yes.  We eat them.”  Get the Peruvian away from my piggies.) and my kids put on Little Shop of Horrors for the gazillionth time.  Steve has gone to “read” in bed.   And here I sit.  Howdy.

Lord knows I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  Far too contrary for that, I can’t even tell myself what to do.  “Lose weight?  Bah, I’ll show ME!  Gimme a cookie!” One of my imaginary friends suggested that we have New Years Intentions instead.  That’s more my speed.  I’ve paved the road to hell and back several times.  Why not fill in a few potholes?  I intend to figure out what’s going on with my body that causes me to want to sleep like a teenager.  I intend to get back to yoga.  I intend to get this webstore off the ground and really make a go of it.   See?  intend isn’t scary at all!

Steve just came in and announced he’s going to bed for real.  11:30.  Almost made it, but he was up at 4 am.  The kids, of course, are still going strong.  Marjorie tonight said, “you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lily tired.  I’ve never seen her energy flag.”  Lily’s parents, on the other hand, flag.    As Steve headed off to bed, I’d laughed at some joke of his and he said, “See? I am funny.”

“Yes, you ARE funny.”

“And hot.”

“Well, you could turn on the fan in there.”

“Aw, you’re my biggest fan, babe.”

“Are you calling me fat?”

Who wouldn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve crammed into our house, gorging on cheese?  I mean, really?  Here’s to 2008 being as good or better than 2007!