Here we are, mid winter break.  We’ve just returned from Christmas in Delaware.  I did not get to see Hazel, because SOMEone didn’t want to schlepp a week old baby through the traffic for 7 hours.  wah wah wah.  Sounds like there’s more than one baby in Ohio.  Sigh.  I really want to sniff her head and put her feet in my mouf.  Not enough to go to Cleveland, you understand, but still.

We had a nice xmas.  Justin and his kids came over on xmas eve, which my kids loved.  Dean and Ben had a blast.  Lily totally loved playing with Madison and Miranda.

Christmas day, Tash came over with Mikayla and Emma, so it was just cousins non-stop, which they loved.  Gifts were exchanged, paper was ripped.  Steve got me an ipod (yay!) so maybe I’ll go to the gym again.  but maybe not.  It’s the Nano, my last one was like a concrete brick compared to this.  It’s the size and color of a breath strip.   It’d probably just dissolve if I sweated on it, so I should just stay home.  yeah.  That’s best.

I just ordered holiday photo cards b/c I just gt a decent photo.  But I probably won’t ever mail them out, so here:

Happy Holidays!