I try not to think that how one wakes is a portent for the day. Most days, I stagger out, make coffee via our complicated but oh-so-necessary coffee making system, lurch over to the laptop and read mail and sip my lifesblood until my pulse quickens enough to go wake the children. And then the day, also, is comfortingly mundane. I have no problem with this. I’m not one of those folks that needs excitement, needs that adrenaline rush. And yet…So I woke for the first time at 3:45 am when my phone rang. Calls at that time are NEVER good news. No one asks you out for brunch or offers to commission a really expensive yet simple handbag. It was an 877 number, so I figured it was a wayward fax and just went off to the bathroom. Steve was there when I came out. Hey, he wasn’t in bed after all. And I’d snatched up the phone to keep it from waking him. And it was HE who made the phone ring…something to do with Amazon, I seem to recall. But he’s still asleep b/c apparently he was up all night. Anyway, eventually the “OMG who’s dead?” adrenaline subsided and I lapsed back into slumber. Woke up at a more civilized hour, staggered to the kitchen, made coffee in the aforementioned way, lurched over to laptop. Next to my laptop is a tank of mice. They were there every other day, but I didn’t mention them b/c normally they’re still sleeping at this point. But this morning, it’s flippin’ Antietam in there. Mouse bodies strewn about, open wounds…WTF? This? This is not how I like to wake up, fishing out still-warm carcasses and body parts. Where there were five, now there are two. Sleek, well nourished in the way that only cannibalism provides. . The cats are a little bitter, frankly. Ally is of the opinion that if mice are going to be dispensed, they ought to at least play with her a little first. Just a waste, really. Maggie…well, she was locked in the basement all night, eating purple tulle which she vomited up in the family room about 2 minutes ago. Slimy little tulle sausages. And now I’m thinking that the rest of the day is called into question. I think I’ll just…nap maybe. It just doesn’t seem to be a good omen, you know?