Thanks for the tilda advice, very-soon-to-be-new-mom Andi! Tonight was tapas from the Andalucia region. Holy moly, it was good. We had patatas bravas, ajillo mushrooms, queso de cabra con tomate, and tomates cherry en salsa de torta del casar. Or, for you English speakers, fried potato chunks with a tomato sauce, lemon garlic mushrooms, goat cheese in tomato sauce, and cherry tomatoes in a yummy stinky cheese. They were all fabulous, but the patatas bravas were definitely the group favorite. Julianna did prefer the tomatoes in stinky cheese, but even she–who doesn’t like potatoes–like them. Lily even ate some, after moving on to cheese sticks. Steve, bless him, declare that it may have been the best meal I’ve ever made. So there you go, folks, good chow.