No clue how to do a tilda over that n. Imagine it and rolll with it. So tonight we begin our Spanish Cuisine week. At Andi’s insistence, I made Tortilla Espanola, which was, as promised, utterly yummers. Like eating in a diner in Madrid. We also had Escalivado Tostadas, essentially roasted veggies on toasted baguette. Again, yummy. To round it out, a lovely Manchego Cheese. The kids liked it all in varying degrees. Lily liked the tortilla served with a red sauce (traditionally sofrito. Tonight, marinara). People, if you’re in a rut, I highly recommend this exercise. There’s just so MUCH good food out there, there’s no excuse to eat the same 10 dishes night after night.

It is the penultimate night of Hanukkah (you know I’m posting that just to use penultimate), and it has mostly gone well. For the benefit of those with similarly aged kids, I’ll post what they got…And, you know, so that I’ll remember in two weeks.

Lily got: Pop up flower fairy book, stuffed otter (upon rejecting the doll clothes), T-shirt from Threadless and slippers, Creature Creator for the Leap Pad (and I’m suddenly plagued with the fear that a grand parent bought that too…I hope not…), a Schleich horse set, a stuffed horse for the horrible rejected dolls to ride (hmpf), a pair of Breyer ponies, and tomorrow’s big gift will be a full set of Blendy pens and pad of paper.

Ben got: a Star Wars graphic novel (fancy comic book), old Pokedex from ebay,a Tshirt from Threadless and slippers, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green for the GBA,a Pokemon Movie, a new Pokedex, a box of Pokemon cards (are you sensing a theme this year?), and the big gift tomorrow is a Lego Star Wars MTT.

Julianna got: a Bad Cat calendar (full of really, really lame jokes. Some of them more inappropriate than I noticed when I looked at it in the bookstore. She thinks it’s hilarious), a drawing set (replacing the horrible doll clothes), a Tshirt from Threadless and slippers (it’s cold people, and I’m not turning up the heat. Oil is a billion dollars a thimblefull), the game Drawn to Life for the DS, Schleich elves on horseback, a medium sized Breyer horse, a big Breyer horse, and tomorrow’s gift will be a tabletop easel, paints, and canvasses.

Tonight, in addition to the regular gift, Steve gave them each a box of old Topps Little Shop of Horrors Trading Cards. Complete with 22 year old bubblegum. Which probably tastes no different than it did in 1986. Ah, trading card gum, pink flavored glass dusted with powdered sugar. But you should have heard them geeking out as they went through the cards. /Comic Book Guy voice/ Look, this one shows a picture that was in the never-released original ending! /Comic Book Guy voice/ The geek genes are strong in this clan.