Use to be that I rather liked the whole Hanukkah set up. 8 nights, one present each night…it meant there wasn’t the frenzied ripping of paper and flinging of gifts. Each gift is given its due. Only here’s the flaw in all of that–if you only get one present, it has to be awesome. So each night will either be exciting or disappointing. In the frenzied scenario, if you get one gift that misses the mark, no matter, there’s another one right over there. But now…Turns out Julianna no longer plays with the Only Hearts Club Dolls (sob), but I didn’t realize and got her an outfit for her dolls. I got one for Lily, too, since she is just getting old enough to dress them. Julianna tried really hard to not be visibly upset, I’ll give her that. She was such a sport that I called her into my room and said I’d let her have a different present and take the outfit back. I gave her a sketch pad and manikin and she was thrilled. Yay. But Lily noticed, and suddenly the outfit which had been fine enough to remove from the packaging was now horrid and she “just remembered” that she doesn’t play with the dolls after all and she wants something else instead…it led to a full on tantrum in which she slapped me and I slapped her back (way to go!) and snarled like a lion. Happy Holidays! So, in further thinking, I’m considering a grab bin. If your present bums you out, you can swap it for something in the bin, which will contain beanie babies and notebooks and the like. And then you shut. up. Ben, btw, got a pokedex, which he asked for.