Last night, we had an Armenian Pilaf. It was tasty to most of us. Lily, of course, refused it after noting that it contained neither macaroni nor cheese. And far too many things that were not either of those magic ingredients. I added some broccolini to it b/c I was beginning to get scurvy. There aren’t a whole lot of green things in yer Eastern European food. Tonight, however! Yum! We had a Belorussian soup (which I freely improvised based on what I had in the fridge. Like any peasant would) and Latvian Vegetable Nuts (you’ll need to scroll down on the link). These little babies were delish. Basically, I sauteed mushrooms and onion in butter, tossed them in the food processor along with a cup of canned garbanzos, a cup of peas, 2 cups of cooked carrots, 2 eggs, some parsley, and matzo meal until it held together. Roll into wee balls toss in flour and FRY BABY FRY! Turns out, that when you sautee things in butter and then deep fry them, and then serve them with sour cream? They’re good. Who knew?

Next week, Steve is in California, so we’ll take a much needed rest from our world tour. I need to cook slacker-style for a while. Then, we’re off to Spain!