I have some things to get through, so just be quiet for a minute. First, the food. Food is always first. Our second night of Eastern European cuisine featured Hungarian Noodles and Fasole Batuta, a Romanian bean dip. Ben and Julianna liked the noodles, Lily did not, in spite of their similarity to mac and cheese, her current sole form of sustenance. The bean dip was VERY garlicky, which means Steve and I ate most of it. Last night, we had a 4-H meeting until 6 and had to be at a play at 7, so I just fried up Pierogies (Mrs. T’s mini’s–in your freezer cabinet!).

Next, Lily’s new-found reading skills are rocking her world just a bit. She was looking over my shoulder as I was reading The Amber Spyglass (terrific!) and saw the word “dragonflies” as a chapter heading. She asked what it was. When I told her, she replied “No, that’s a ‘duh’, dragon starts with a ‘juh’–‘jragonflies.” Wow, they do sound the same. So we talked it out, but she was a troubled. Then, a couple of days later, I asked her what dress she wanted to wear. “Dress? I thought it was jress!” She was kind of laughing it off but in this really nervous “NOW what are you going to throw at me?” Knowledge can be unsettling.

Love Project Runway, we know that. But you know, PR Canada is really stepping up the competition on dear ol’ Heidi and Tim. This week on the American show–make boring men’s wear for some ex-athlete with conservative taste. The results were sloppy and dull on the whole and those that were interesting were utterly ignored b/c the guest is the whitest black man since Bryant Gumble. But this week on PR Canada–the models came out dressed in one fashion era or another and the designers had to decide whether to choose by model or by the style they want to be inspired by in the next challenge. Great idea! And then, the challenge? Swimwear. Genius. And then? Not only do they have to design for their model, they have to do a plus sized suit as well. AND they didn’t act like the plus-sized women were lepers. They mostly made good, flattering suits. Yay. Plus, Iman referred to her husband as “Bowie.” love it.