I was lying in bed with Lily last night, way too late for her to be awake, but there it is. We were in my inlaws bed (they went to a hotel, bless ’em) and there’s a digital clock on the dresser at the end of the bed. Lily said, “Hey, it’s 10:10!” And I said, “Make a wish!” She said, “I wish I had a pony.” of course. Time passed. She said, “It’s 10:11! Is that a wish time?” I told her sure, any time the numbers match on either side of the two dots or if they make a counting up, you can wish. “I wish Aiden was my boyfriend.”

“What would it mean if Aiden was your boyfriend?”

“MOM, you KNOW what a boyfriend is.”

“What does it mean to you?”

“We’d…um…hang out together?”

“What would you do together?”

“We’d ask our moms to buy us video games. Hey, it’s 10:12. That’s going to be a wish time too. I’ve decided.”

“okay. What do you wish?”

“I wish Aiden loved me back.”

Caroline? Keep your boy away from my child. She’s trouble.