I know I’m totally talking to myself here because you all love AOL soooo much. Anyway. So who knew ANTM and PR were the same night? Hail TiVo I had no clue. But yay! So I had time to get the kids to bed between Model and Runway and then settle right back in. No live blog for this one though. Not that it matters. Because you all loooove AOL. feh.

Carrie Bradshaw was the guest judge! Woo! Much, much cooler than that Nikki Hilton. The designers had to work in teams of two to design a look for SJP’s new Bitten line of clothing. It’s being sold for Old Navy prices (they swear there are no sweatshops involved ) so the teams only get $15 to buy fabric. At Mood. I figured they’d just have to use the plastic bags, but they managed to do pretty well.

I continue to love Elisa and her Breakfast Clubby oddness. She is self-possessed and unconcerned with the others thinking she’s bonkers. I find that very cool. Sweet P (ugh) utterly flips when she sees that Elisa “spit-marks” her clothes as she’s working. I thought “Hey cool, that will just fade away and you don’t have to worry about getting the chalk out!” On the runway, Heidi recoiled at the notion, saying “People don’t want to know someone spit on their dress!” but dude, wash before you wear. Anyway, the much-maligned Elisa came damned close to winning. Even Steve said, “hey, I like that” as it went down the runway. In the end, Victorya (YA) had the winning design with a hideous grey sack with a stupid bow at the neck. Too. many. bows. this season. Stop it. We are not freshly groomed llasa-apsos.

I called the loser again this week. Marion’s design last week was so horrid I couldn’t believe he wasn’t auf-d then. But it caught up with our shifty-eyed manchild this week, and his Incredible Growing Poncho sent him home. Seriously, as they stood there on the runway, this burlap-bag with fringe looking thing he had designed was sloooowly growing toward the floor. They had to hurry up and send him out before it grew down around the model’s feet and threw her to the floor. And oh LORD, it looked like it itched. I had hives just watching. I always feel a little bad for the models when they have to walk in such a dog of a design. “Crap, this insane little man is ruining my chances.” It would be cool if there was a parallel show, filmed at the same time, of the models. I’d watch that. And now, I shall search for PR Canada on line…what better way to spend Thanksgiving. I give thanks for reality TV!