So we moved to the British Isles for this weeks culinary journey. Tonight we had Bashed Neeps (mashed turnips) and Cheese and Onion pasties We also sampled three cheddar cheeses–one from England, one from Ireland, and one from Scotland. Bashed Neeps are from Scotland. Any time I came across a recipe with a name that gave no hint as to what it might be, it was Scottish. in fact, when I clicked on the Neeps recipe to find out what the heck a Neep was, the recipe just called for 250g Swedes. Which, I later found out, are turnips. Oh, those whacky Britons. There is quite a lack of green in the listing of tradtional British recipes. No shortage of cheese or butter, though, bless ’em. Cheese in the pasties. Hot buttered Swedes. Cheese sampling. Cadbury chocolate fingers for dessert. I have…a sour stomach. I’m grateful to only spend one more night in the UK. Things from this post you shouldn’t google: Hot buttered swedes. Pasties. Chocolate fingers.