Okay, I’m going to try a real post, see how this feels to me. I really am still conflicted about which I like better. I wish this one had a bit more color to it, but I do like that it is nice and clean. And I’ve had a few problems with Blogger not letting me leave comments on blogs before and lord knows I don’t want MY audience to suffer.

So, I totally FORGOT top model this week. I was watching Best Week Ever with Steve and a clip came on with a Chinese Lion heralding the fact that the ANTM sticks were going to China. The hell? I didn’t see that! And then I realized that the return of the Most Holy Project Runway had overshadowed it entirely. I went and caught it that night on YouTube, of course.

The challenge on Model was a cruel tease. See it LOOKED like they were going to fulfill my fantasy abbout ANTM and PR coming together in a flurry of fabric, bad weaves, and high drama. But really? meh. The only noteworthy thing was that Tyra announced the trip to China BEFORE that week’s elimnation. Which really had to suck for Ambreal. Hey we’re going to China! Woo-hoo! hug hug jump squeal. Oh, no wait. Not you. You are going home. And this time, no one is going to save you. The big teaser about nekkid Heather goes nutzoid? Meh. but then we knew that would happen, right?

Like I said, Project Runway is back. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time, go to fashion school, and be on this show. I crave that the way I used to crave being on Sesame Street. Only instead of talking to a puppet, I’d get to talk to a puppetteer. I love Elisa. She got some silk and rubbed it all over the ground to get grass stains on it. She drapes the fabric on her own body. She looks like Ally Sheedy in breakfast club. And, as good ol’ Tom and Lorenzo put it: this group seems to demonstrate a rather high collective opinion of themselves, and we would love it if the dirty girl in the corner of the cafeteria would show them up once or twice. And while I’m on the topic, PR fans who don’t know about the Rungay boys–you must read their blog. hilarious. A sample grab:


“I ended up taking some silk chiffon and I decided that I would imbue it with a natural element and use grass stain as a staining method. In my own work often times I use teas, oils, and herbs to feed the fabrics.”

I'm not sure I see where this is going...

“Yeah, that’s great. Do you also use dog shit? Because you just did.”

Seriously, they’re the perfect condiment to the PR buffet.

AND they introduced me to PR Canada which…shh…I might kinda like better? Iman is just SO great. She really adds so much to the show. Heidi is sweet and lovely, but Iman…oh Mr. Bowie must be a very patient man.